Gastric Balloon

Today, obesity and metabolic syndrome seriously threaten people's health, especially in the USA. Especially with the fat that starts around the belly, risks such as liver fat, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and having a heart attack occur in relation with each other. Therefore, today, in the fight against obesity, and especially in patients with a body mass index above 40, insertion of a gastric balloon before bariatric surgery is extremely important against complications that may occur during and / or after the operation.

The patient can lose 15-20% of the initial weight with the gastric balloon method.

Gastric balloon approximately 20 minutes. It is an ongoing process. You can leave the hospital on the same day.

What are the benefits of gastric balloon?

Gastric balloon application is not a surgical method, so it does not involve surgical risks. After the gastric balloon application, which is completed in a very short time, patients can return to their daily lives in a short time. An advantage of the gastric balloon is that it is temporary, in line with the preference of an inflatable silicone balloon placed in the stomach endoscopically, patients can meet with specialists for removal of the gastric balloon after 6 or 12 months. This practice, which restricts food intake, enables patients to lose weight quickly. However, as in all other gastric reduction surgeries, the person must adopt healthy lifestyle habits in order for the gastric balloon effect to be permanent.